Sunflower Header

Sunflower Header GB Model

Sunflower Header

Sunflower Header

Sunflower Header GB Model

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Sunflower Header GB Model

Sunflower Header GB

This header can be adapted to any type of harvester. Available in multiple lenghts from 5 mts in increments of 0.5 m, although you can make any measure on request.

Hydraulic reel raising and lowering it from the combine. Wide-reinforced special trays to minimize crop losses.

Adjusting system to the combine interchangeable and adjustable to change the tilt of work, and adaptable to any combine.

It is ready to put the chopper (optional) in the future if it doesn’t have initially.

Color of the side of the header same as the color of the combine.


Sunflower Header GB Model

Knife Box

It has a completely rectilinear movement and is very silent, due to the fact that its components are always rotating. With this system it is possible to cut at high speed.

Sunflower Header GB Model

Opening sign

The opening sign allows to know the height of the stalk chopper from the cabin of the driver.

Sunflower Header GB Model


The stubble-crusher bend the stubble to protect the combine’s tyres and ensure it lies at a minimal height above the ground.

Sunflower Header GB Model

Stalk Chopper

Height-adjustable hydraulic chopper, allowing you to cut a low stubble although the stems are long.

Gears of chopper designed specifically for this work with reinforced bushings to achieve total reliability.

Reverse rotation system to achieve greater effectiveness and distribution of chopped straw.

Transmission bar removable in sections for easy maintenance.

Chopper-blades are reversible and highly durable. After the work, remains a perfect and uniform stubble.


GB-500 5,60 5,10 1264
GB-550 6,10 5,60 1400
GB-600 6,60 6,10 1536
GB-650 7,10 6,60 1672
GB-700 7,60 7,10 1808
GB-750 8,10 7,60 1944
GB-800 8,60 8,10 2402
GB-850 9,10 8,60 2484
GB-900 9,60 9,10 2566
GB-1000 10,60 10,10 2650
Sunflower Header GB Model

Folding Sunflower Header GB

This folding sunflower header has all the features of the fixed model adding the advantages of fast transfers as it does not need trailer and the ability to pass through narrow passages.

The folding system is done from the cab of the combine without disconnecting the PTO.

We highlight the coupling of the cutting knife. This patented system by Moresil is highly reliable, avoiding mismatches prevent further displacement connection.

The folding model we obtain the same advantages as in the fixed model in terms of straight cutting, high speed, without reducing its strength at any time.

This model has the option of stalk chopper hydraulically height adjustable.

Made in two versions depending on the working width, 6.5 and 7 meters.

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Sunflower planting is growing a lot in the United States, so the sunflower harvest in the United States is going to have an important demand in the coming years, and at Moresil we are prepared to offer the best for each of our customers.

In Moresil we are specialists in manufacturing sunflower harvesting headers, with several variants and optional elements to offer our customers a customized experience to suit their needs and to solve the various problems that arise to the farmer in each harvest.

Regarding the process of harvesting the sunflower until it is harvested, once the land has been prepared, the seeds have to be cultivated and the soil cared for so that after a few months the flowers have grown and given the seeds that will be harvested later.

It will be autumn when the crown of the sunflower flower starts to turn yellow, and begins to look down, it means that they are beginning to dry and it is the time when the petals fall off and only the central part of the flower with the seeds, also called seeds. This is the moment when they can be harvested, and for this purpose, having a specialized sunflower cutting head will be the best choice.

Sunflower Header

The best option for harvesting sunflower will always be to have a sunflower header adapted to your combine, as well as to the various conditions that affect it, for which we can offer you sunflower headers with trays or chains, with the main purpose of facilitating the farmer’s work.

Sunflower will be one of the most important crops in the coming years in the United States. In order to make the investment in its cultivation profitable, it is necessary to have the appropriate means for its harvesting, so much effort has been devoted to design and manufacture sunflower headers, in order to get the most out of the crop.

Sunflower Headers

Moresil has developed a technology that allows the efficiency of sunflower harvesting, making available to the farmer efficient sunflower headers with the best performance.