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Moresil is one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural equipment in the world; within its catalog has a great diversity of headers models, all of them compatible with all brands and models of harvesters on the market.

The headers are one of the most important parts in the grain harvesters, being an essential element to achieve success in the harvest, and from Moresil we offer numerous options to, with our advice, configure your header and adapt to your needs.

The header is the machine in charge of collecting the grain and delivering it to the combine harvester.

Harvester head

Moresil harvester heads are necessary for harvesting the crop, making the farmer’s work much easier, allowing him to adapt to numerous conditions that the heads of other brands do not achieve, thus offering the best weapons to our customers to successfully face each harvest.

Not all harvesters are the same, just as not all headers are the same. The specific characteristics of each machine will determine part of its functions and requirements.

There are four main types of headers:

  • Corn Heads: This type of header is used in corn cultivation, where Moresil has many years of experience in harvesting. Their configuration is very wide, being able to manufacture them in different sizes and adapt them to different combine harvester models.  These headers can also be manufactured in a foldable version, making them easy to transport and store.
  • Sunflower harvester: Moresil is the world’s largest specialist in the manufacture of this type of header, of which we have a wide range to suit the needs and various working conditions of our customers. We have several models, either with trays or chains, and we can manufacture them for different sizes and numerous combine harvester models and brands.
  • Windrowers
  • Grain headers: They are mainly used for the cultivation of wheat, rapeseed, soybeans and barley, among other types of grain. We only manufacture them in the folding version, in order to reduce transport times with the same efficiency of a fixed header.