Tractor Shakers

Tractor Shakers

Tree shaker

Tractor Shakers

Tractor Shakers

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Tractor Shakers

Tractor Vibrators

  • Easy fitting to different models of tractors.
  • High frequency orbital vibration, with instantaneous start and stop of vibration.
  • Shake trees in both directions and it is possible to vary the speed.
  • Maximum manoeuvrability of telescopic arm with elongation up to 400 mm and 30° rotation.
  • Combining our experience and a high technology design, our vibrators get the maximum fruit without damaging the tree which ensure the future production
  • Shaker clamp tightening adjustment, with automatic self-tightening system during vibration.
  • Easy operation with a comfortable joystick that controls all vibrator functions.


  • Maximum clamp opening: 400 mm.
  • Recommended trunk diameter: up to 200 mm.
  • Tractor power requirement: from 65 HP.
Tractor Shakers
Tractor Shakers


  • Maximum clamp opening: 500 mm.
  • Recommended trunk diameter: up to 350 mm.
  • Tractor power requirement: from 120 HP.


  • Maximum clamp opening: 700 mm.
  • Recommended trunk diameter: up to 500 mm.
  • Tractor power: from 120 hp.
Tractor Shakers
Tractor Shakers
Tractor Shakers

Pantograph Arm

The pantograph arm stands out for its great mobility and its smooth and precise movements.
Its advantages are a perfect visibility of the logs from the tractor cab and the possibility to take several logs from a tree from one position of the tractor.

The pantograph arm is coupled to the shovel of the tractor and from its most retracted position, it extends 1,50 m.

This arm is ideal for multi-trunk plantations or with limited space for maneuvering.

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Tree shakers are tools designed to detach the fruit from the tree and make them fall to the ground for later harvesting. The vibrating machines make the fruit fall by shaking the branches of the tree.

Tree shaker for tractor

At Moresil we manufacture shakers for tractors whose performance and efficiency are fully guaranteed. Our specialists always listen to the needs of farmers in order to develop the most efficient and profitable vibrators.

Olive tree shaker

Moresil shakers are designed to hit the branches of the olive tree with enough force to loosen the olives, but without breaking them, ensuring the good condition of the olive tree.

Nuts tree shaker

Harvesting nuts can be a cumbersome task if it has to be done by hand, so Moresil has developed vibrators that make the work easier and save time, two very important factors to ensure the farmer’s profitability.

Almond tree shaker

Almonds are one of the most profitable and important crops in the United States. The cultivation of almonds in California is especially noteworthy. The almond tree, due to its resistance, can be cultivated in arid soils. The almond tree shakers manufactured by Moresil are prepared to make almond harvesting a success.

Walnut tree shaker

From Moresil we seek that our shakers have the best technology and advances to make the harvesting work as optimal and profitable as possible. That is why our walnut tree shakers are manufactured to take advantage of the fruit as much as possible.

Pistachio tree shaker

Moresil is concerned with innovation and development and works together with the farmer to design the parts that offer the best results. Moresil’s pistachio tree shakers are efficient and resistant, ideal for pistachio harvesting.