Super High Density Olive harvester

High Density Olive Harvester VS+

Olive harvester

Higher capacity

The VS+ harvester is able to adapt to different tree and trunk sizes in super-intensive plantations thanks to its large-sized tree-beating tunnel.


Our advanced sensor system provides highly-accurate machine steering and height control, all managed from the cabin by means of a control panel and cameras.

High yield

Independent machine with continuous unloading capacity to better exploit the planting area and facilitate the amortisation of the tractor, all this combined with a low maintenance cost.

Optional elements

The VS+ harvester can be complemented with auxiliary hoppers and GPS with assistance system and remote software updates.

Super High Density Olive Harvester

High Density Olive Harvester VS+

Innovation, higher capacity and high yield

The VS+ harvester boasts a higher harvesting rate due to the large size of the tree-beating tunnel which, together with the machine’s innovative systems for precise steering and height control, ensures greater profitability for your plantation.

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High Density Olive Harvester VS+

Super-intensive olive harvester

Machine for harvestingsuper-intensive crops. .

Large-sized thinning tunnel for harvesting .super-intensive olives of different sizes

Improves the amortisation of tractors, as it can be used during the rest of the year for other tasks.

Better use of the plantation surface area of the farm, as it does not need dividing lanes for unloading the hoppers

Larger fruit collection area to minimise the amount of fruit falling to the ground.

Four ground tracking probes to improve adaptation and proximity to the ground.

Six direction-following probes for quick adaptation to the direction of travel.

Precise guidance thanks to the combination of front steering by draft and rear steering by steerable wheels..

De-stemmer before lifting, which eliminates annoying blockages caused by carrying sticks or branches up the conveyor belts to the discharge.

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Double suction system combined with de-stemmer for excellent cleaning of the fruit.

Low maintenance cost.

It has an unloading belt and two auxiliary hoppers to facilitate operation in the event of different circumstances that may arise during harvesting.

Control panel installed in the tractor cab with on-board computer.

Equipped with cameras to assist driving and control the harvesting process.

High Density Olive Harvester VS+


Shakers 25 pairs
Shaking height from the ground 3,6 mts
Tractor power required 115 CV
To turn around 6,5m without manoeuvring
Optional hoppers 2

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Moresil, with more than 70 years of experience manufacturing agricultural machinery, offers the farmer a wide range of products, among them, the olive harvester for high density olive orchards, which has an advanced technology.

As it is already known by our customers, the olive harvest takes place from the arrival of autumn and can be extended until the end of winter. In order to harvest the olives in high density olive orchards, it is necessary to wait until the fruit ripens, without falling from the tree. Knowing the optimum time for olive harvesting is as important as having the appropriate olive harvester.

Olive orchard harvester

Moresil’s commitment is to implement continuous improvement in its processes, thus offering the highest quality in its machinery, as the olive orchard harvester.

With a long experience, the Moresil olive harvester offers the farmer the best performance to successfully and efficiently carry out the harvesting of high density olive trees.

The olive tree fields are wide and abundant, so the work has to be done with appropriate machinery, such as the ones Moresil puts at your disposal.

High density olive harvester

The main objective of planting olive trees in hedgerows was to increase production in less space and mechanize harvesting, thus adopting the cultivation of olive trees to machinery and the design and technology of machinery to high density olive trees.

High density olive orchard harvester

The high density olive orchard harvesters manufactured by Moresil, which are tractor-drawn, are the result of research and technological advances to facilitate and optimize the performance of the machine.