Folding Grain Header

Folding grain header CV

Grain header

Increased visibility

The 3-part folding header provides greater space to offer greater visibility.

Save time

It reduces travelling time while being as productive as a fixed cut system, but with a simple and fast folding system.

Better feeding

The distance between the neck and the worm drive has been reduced, which greatly improves feeding compared to track system headers.

Reduced maintenance

Manufactured with high quality components that reduce necessary maintenance and offer greater durability.

Folding Grain Header

Folding grain header CV

High-performance folding header

Negotiate narrow passages successfully with our 3-part folding system, which offers greater visibility, and a shorter worm drive to neck distance for improved feeding.

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The Folding Grain Header CV Model

The Moresil folding grain header is ideal for saving time transfers and narrow passages without sacrificing productivity of a fixed cut. The folding operation is performed in a fast way..

For this header coupling systems for endless, reel, the cutting blade and the transmission that adjust automatically have been developed.

Folding grain header CV
Folding grain header CV

Background of endless

Background of endless screw is made of stainless steel for better flow of material.

Safety lock to prevent incidents during work.

The state-of-the-art Schumacher cutting system is composed by roller guides that reduce friction and special hardened guards resulting in less power needed to cut the material.

Cutting knife System

The system of the cutting knife coupler is similar to the one used for years in sunflower folding headers, patented and highly reliable.

The cut is made across the widthof the header without any interruption

Folding grain header CV

3-part folding system for better feeding

Minimum distance between the auger and throatof combine for better feeding regardless of the condition of the product.

The reel has a large diameter for harvesting in all conditions and hydraulically adjustable in speed by the driver.

Big diameter auger [610 mm] with retractable fingers along its length.

Possibility to vary the angle of inclination of the platform to allow better allow the penetration of products like soy.

Ground sensors to copy the terrain and accommodate the reaper to it.

Transmission is performed by PTO only on the left side having an automatic coupling which makes easy the folding operation.

The compact folding system allows a good visibility for the driver of the combine. High security is also achieved in both road and roughest terrain transfers.

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CV 550P 5,50 m 3,50 m
CV 620 P 6,20 m 3,50 m
CV 720 P 7,20 m 4,00 m
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At Moresil we manufacture folding headers for grain harvesting, which allows us greater ease of transport and access to narrow passages.

Our 3-part folding system provides greater visibility and better feeding, by achieving a smaller distance between the throat and the auger, which facilitates the entry of the grain.

Grain headers

Moresil has more than 70 years dedicated to the manufacture of agricultural machinery, to make available to the farmer everything he needs for his work in the field. With a long experience in the manufacture of cereal headers among its products.

The Moresil grain header is designed to achieve maximum optimization of time and resources when performing the work of harvesting and collection of the farmer, making available all the advances and knowledge in the manufacture of headers for harvesters.

Grain headers for sale

Moresil’s commitment is to work to offer high performance grain headers for sale to meet the demands and needs of the farmer on a daily basis, betting on continuous improvement in the manufacture of the product.