The manufacturing process of sunflower seeds involves several steps, from harvesting and seed processing to the final packaging.

Sunflowers, with their vivid and bright flowers, not only beautify our gardens and fields but are also an essential resource in agriculture, providing both seeds for human consumption and ingredients for sunflower oil production. Choosing the right header when it comes to cultivating and harvesting sunflowers is crucial to optimizing production and ensuring crop sustainability.

In this article, we want to share with you some aspects you should consider when choosing a header for sunflower harvesting. But first, let’s look at a bit of the history of sunflowers in agriculture. Sunflowers, native to North America, have been cultivated and valued for their nutritious seeds and healthy oil for centuries. Native Americans initially used them for food and religious ceremonies before they began to be commercially cultivated in various parts of the world.

The choice of header or technique for harvesting sunflowers has evolved over time, adapting to technological innovations and market demands. The importance of selecting the correct header, which is the sunflower header. The sunflower harvesting process is a vital aspect to ensure the quality and quantity of collected seeds. An inappropriate header or inefficient harvesting techniques can result in seed loss, damage to plants, and ultimately, a reduction in harvest profitability.


What Header Do You Use for Sunflowers?

Watch here our model GB of sunflower header

What Header Do You Use for Sunflowers?


What Header to Use for Sunflowers?


Sunflowers are commonly harvested using specific combine headers known as “sunflower headers” or “sunflower harvesters.” These headers are designed to cut and collect sunflowers efficiently without damaging the seeds. Sunflower headers are equipped with blades and fingers that cut the sunflower stalks and guide them into the machine. Once inside, the seeds are separated from the rest of the plant through a threshing and cleaning process in the combine. It is important to select a suitable sunflower header for the type of sunflower being cultivated and for the specific field conditions. The header must seamlessly fit the combine and the farmer’s needs to ensure efficient and high-quality harvesting.


Sunflower Header


Are you familiar with our GB sunflower header model? Why is this header preferred by most farmers? Because it’s versatile, adapting to different planting and cultivation heights. It ensures professional chopping, thanks to its adjustable height system, reverse rotation mechanism, and reinforced bushings for greater reliability. Moreover, we offer several options. On one hand, there’s the foldable version with our patented sickle closure system, which may or may not include a shredder. It features plant trampers and a height indicator. Lastly, you should know that our header is manufactured to simplify machine maintenance, minimizing wear and maximizing efficiency. How does it work? Let us explain briefly:


  1. Cutting and Elevation: The sunflower header cuts the sunflower stalks and lifts them onto conveyor belt systems.
  2. Seed Separation: Once the stalks are cut and elevated, sunflower seeds are struck and detached from the heads. This can involve a tapping or controlled vibration process to release the seeds.
  3. Transportation and Cleaning: The detached seeds are transported via belts to a cleaning system. Here, the seeds are separated from plant debris and other waste.
  4. Storage or Unloading: After cleaning, the seeds are collected and stored in an onboard container of the combine. Depending on the design, some combines can also unload the seeds into accompanying trailers or trucks. Among other advantages, this header reduces seed loss, making the harvest more efficient. It causes less damage to the seeds and can be adjusted for different crops and types of sunflowers. You can learn more about this header here: Sunflower Harvester with Trays (GB Model)

Can Sunflowers be Harvested with a Grain Header?

Sunflowers should not be harvested with a grain header designed for other crops such as corn or wheat. Sunflowers have unique characteristics compared to other grain crops, and to harvest them efficiently without damaging the seeds, specific equipment called “sunflower headers” or “sunflower harvesters” is required. Sunflower headers are designed with special blades and fingers that cut the sunflower stalks and guide the heads into the combine. Once inside the machine, seeds are separated from the rest of the plant during the threshing and cleaning process. Using a specific sunflower header ensures efficient and careful harvesting, minimizing seed losses and avoiding unnecessary damage. Therefore, it is crucial to use a suitable sunflower header to harvest sunflowers and ensure optimal yield and quality of the collected seeds.

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