SW Windrower

SW Windrower


Multiple coupling

Adapted to your needs: it can be installed on a tractor (front or rear), harvester or chopper.

Multitude of crops

It can be used in many different crops, such as: alfalfa, lentils, grass, fodder seeds, oats, chickpeas, clovers, rapeseed, cereals, wheat, and buckwheat, etc.

Minimises losses

By offering a higher humidity harvesting feature, threshing is reduced obtaining the maximum yield from your crop.

Uniform ripening

By harvesting at the optimum moment, harvest ripening is homogenised.

SW Windrower

SW Windrower

Versatility and high performance

Thanks to the multiple coupling (tractor, combine harvester and chopper) and crop options, high output can be achieved without the need for a self-propelled windrower reaper.

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Advantages of the SW Windrower

  • Drying of the crop up to 2 times faster.
  • Facilitates the work of the harvester.
  • More homogeneous crop maduration.
  • Less grain losses.
  • Possibility of use in a multitude of crops.
SW Windrower

Multiple coupling options

  • Tractor front (with rear hydraulic unit or front PTO)
  • Rear of the tractor (in case of reversible driving position)
  • Combine harvester
  • Forage harvester

Possibility of use in a multitude of crops: grass, alfalfa, lentils, oats, clovers, chickpeas, cereals, rape, buckwheat, forage seeds… etc.

It is available in the following sizes:

  • SW 450 (4,50 m).
  • SW 650 (6,50 m).
  • SW 700 (7 m).
  • SW 750 (7,50 m).

How it works

  • Swath at both ends or only on one side, by shifting and reversing the direction of rotation of the Tapes.
  • It has download speed control.
  • Hydraulic drive of all elements including the cutting blade group.
  • High performance reel with adjustable position from the cabin.
  • Optional vertical blades for rapeseed harvesting, side and central.
  • Copy and float system on the ground.
  • Equipped with wheels at the ends.
  • Outlets for large-sized material, suitable for high rapeseed.
SW Windrower

Maximum adaptability

SW Windrower

The SW Windrower adapts to your growing conditions and your own machinery, offering various configuration options to best suit your needs.

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Optional elements

  • Sliding belts.
  • Rear hydraulic control unit.
  • Vertical knives
  • Auger.
  • Double cutting box.
SW Windrower

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There are many advantages that we can obtain with a windrower, which cuts the crop and swaths it in rows on the ground in the field. Among its benefits of use, it makes drying faster and easier, making it possible to bring forward the harvest, getting the product to ripen more uniformly and favoring the work of the combine harvester.


Relying on the most important technological advances, Moresil has developed and manufactured top quality swathers, which can be adapted to combine harvesters or tractors, and which meet with precision and satisfaction the needs of its customers.