Grain Cleaner

Grain Cleaner M16

High performance

The grain cleaner/sorter has a higher cleaning capacity, with a 6,000 kg/h sorting output.


Sieves can be replaced, and the air and flow rate adjusted to suit the required cleaning or product sorting.

Internal installations

Incorporates protective housings to facilitate work under the necessary safety conditions inside the installations.

Double module

Features a double cleaning module that achieves a more homogeneous distribution of the product.

Grain Cleaner

Grain Cleaner M16

High performance and maximum adaptability

With an output of 6,000 kg/h* in sorting mode and up to 30,000 kg/h* in pre-cleaning mode, it incorporates interchangeable sieves, as well as air and flow rate adjustment system, to adapt to the required product.

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Grain Cleaner M-16

The machine M-16 has been designed to comply with the present standards for modern installations in regards to cleanliness and selection of such grains and cereals as wheat, barley, corn, sunflower, rapeseed, vegetables, etc.

It was devised for procuring high yield and thorough removal of impurities reaching percentages well under the official requirements.

It consists of the following main elements:

  • Turbine with double air suction with independent control.

  • Set of high yield sieves fitted with adjustable lower brushes with continuous self-cleaning movement.

  • The sieve compartment is driven by a high frequency movement produced by four eccentric balances accomplishing perfect equilibrium.

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Lenght 2500 mm
Width 1520 mm
Total Height 3750 mm
Grain entrance height 3300 mm
Grain output height 930 mm
Pre-cleaning 30 Tm/h*
Commercial 16 Tm/h*
Selection 6 Tm/h*
Cribbles area 6 m2
Power 5,5 KW
Fan 7000 m3 h
Weight 1180 Kg
* Output wheat, density 0,75. Humidity 16%. Impurities 6%.


1. Grain entry to hopper

2. Control of grain flow to upper sieve

3. Removal of fine impurities and dust

4. Particles of greater size than the grain

5. Thinned-out or broken grains

6. Clean grain

Grain Cleaner M16