Picking machine for super-intensive olive farming


Picking machine for super-intensive olive farming

Machine for the collection of the superintensive olive grove designed specifically for the olive grove.

Large dimension tunnel to collect superintentive olive trees of different sizes.

It improves the amortization of the tractors, to be able to use it during the rest of the year for other tasks.

Better use of the plantation surface of the farm, as no partitioning streets are needed to discharge hoppers.

You can work day and night.

Greater fruit collection area to minimize the fall to the soil of the same.

Four palpators tracking the ground to improve its adaptation and proximity to the ground.

Six palpators follow the direction for a quick adaptation to it.

Precise guidance thanks to the combination of the front correction by shooting and the rear by the steerable wheels.

Destemmer before lifting, which eliminates the annoying jams caused by climbing sticks or branches by ribbons to the discharge.

Double suction system combined with destemmer that achieves an excellent cleaning of the fruit.

Low maintenance cost

It has unloading belt and two auxiliary hoppers to facilitate the operation before different circumstances that may occur in the collection.

Control panel installed in the tractor cabin with on-board computer.

Equipped with cameras to aid in driving and control of the harvest process.

Technical features 

Shakers25 pairs
Height shaking from the ground3,6m 
Required tractor power115 CV
To go around6,5m without maneuvers
Optional hoppers2

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