Farming is a meticulous art that requires the right choice of tools and machinery. The success of a corn harvest depends largely on the corn heads used. Therefore, investing in high-quality corn heads is not an option but a necessity.

In this regard, at Moresil, we stand out for offering corn heads designed and manufactured under the highest quality standards. If you are thinking of buying corn heads, pay attention to the following lines as we will tell you what you should focus on when choosing them.


What to consider when choosing corn heads

The goal of the corn head is to harvest corn in a clean and fast manner. So, let’s look at some aspects you should consider if you want to buy the best corn head.


Precision in corn harvesting

Precision, along with speed, are key characteristics. They go hand in hand because the better each corn grain is harvested, either by stripping the plant or through a system of rolls that only allows the cob to enter, the more we can avoid excessive foliage entering the harvester, which would dirty the product and be very abrasive inside the machine. Therefore, if the corn head’s roll system fails to perform its function, it can cause damage to the harvester.

Adaptability to any harvester

Another essential point when choosing the corn head that best suits your needs is that it is compatible with any harvester on the market.

This way, if you switch harvesters, it is important to be able to adapt your corn head to any other harvester you may need, and this is an option we offer with our corn heads.

Good performance even in unfavorable conditions

Sometimes, corn may be lodged, and its harvesting becomes difficult if an effective and high-quality corn head is not available.

In the case of our corn head, it provides an excellent response in any situation. It is a guaranteed success.


Why is it so important to buy a high-quality corn head for a harvester?

Corn heads are critical components of agricultural machinery. They are responsible for picking the corn from the plant and ensuring it reaches the hopper without damage. A low-quality corn head can harm the crop and reduce harvest yield, as well as increase grain losses. However, high-quality corn heads, such as the ones we manufacture at Moresil, are designed to avoid these problems and guarantee superior performance.

Our corn heads are built with high-quality materials to ensure durability and strength. They feature innovative designs that allow them to adapt to various growing conditions, making corn harvesting easier and improving harvest efficiency.

Furthermore, each corn head undergoes rigorous testing and certifications to ensure optimal functionality. These tests are conducted under different conditions and soil types to ensure that the corn head will perform effectively regardless of the environment. The certifications ensure that each corn head has been manufactured according to the highest standards of quality and safety.

Investing in a quality corn head means investing in the health of your crops and the profitability of your farming operation.

Ensure a successful harvest with our MR 800 corn head. Contact our team if you would like more information. We’ll be delighted to assist you.