Buggy BM300

Olive tree shaker machine


Buggy BM300

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Buggy BM300

Buggy BM300

The three-wheeled Moresil BM 300 Buggy is fitted with state-of-the-art technology that enables it to electronically control the movement and vibration of our olive, nuts and fruit trees (almond, nuts, pistachio…), making it possible to choose the most suitable programme for each type of crop.

It is also possible to control the power unit which, thanks to its efficient programme, can provide significant fuel savings (more than 30%)



  • Large closed cab with great visibility, hinged door, heating and air conditioning (optional).
  • Control of all movements through 2 joysticks.
  • Powerful lighting with LED headlights.
  • Rear view camera, visible from the control screen (optional).
  • Independent cab with vibration damping and glass for soundproofing.
  • 12 V cigarette lighter and USB connector.
  • GPS system with assistance system and remote software updating (optional).
Buggy BM300
Buggy BM300


  • There are several vibration programmes available that adapt to the different types of olive groves. It is also possible to create custom vibration configurations.
  • It is possible to adapt the three types of clamps currently available, as well as all their studs and flaps accessories.
  • It features a vibration/tree counter that makes it possible to track the harvest.

Power Unit

  • Modern DEUTZ 120 HP engine, with electronic control system. It only uses the power required in each operation, reducing standard consumption by approx. more than 30% compared to standard use.
  • Hydraulic pumps Danfoss with variable flow, which can be controlled from the different machine programs.
  • Robust Poclain wheel motors, which are capable of functioning even in the most adverse situations.
  • Several movement programmes, making it possible to choose the most suitable for each type of terrain or driver, for example, to minimise the breakage of bales.
Buggy BM300
Buggy BM300


  • Optimised weight distribution. Low centre of gravity to work and move on sloping terrain.
  • Steel-welded structure, with high elastic limit steels.
  • Robust hydraulic and electronic equipment from leading brands.

Technical Features

Lenght (m) 6,9
Height (m) 2,1 / 2,29 (Air Conditioning)
Width (m) 2,47
Distance between axes 2,78
Weight (kg) 5040
Telescopic (m) 1,3
Elevation (m) 2,2
Turn (º) 35
Engine Deutz 4 cylinders turbo – 3600 cc – 120CV -2300 rpm
Fuel tank (I) 120
Hydraulic tank (I) 140
Transmission Hydrostatic – 480 bar – 2 independent matrix wheels with negative brake
Maximun speed (km/h) 17
Movement modes Super Slow – Slow – Fast – Fast ECO
On-board Computer
Power unit control
Vibration control functions
Custom vibration programmes
Tree counter and stopwatch

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For olive harvesting work, having a olive tree shaker machine (mono boom) is a great option, as it will allow you to move with agility through the terrain.

Moresil offers olive tree shaker machines that adapt to your needs.

Tree shaker machine for olive orchards

They work to advance with technology hand in hand with our customers, designing tree shaker machine for olive orchards models that adapt to the terrain and the specific characteristics they present, in this way, the farmer can enjoy a good mono boom to move around his land.

Olive harvest machine

When it comes to field work, an olive harvest machine can be of great help, because with its electronic vibration management and thanks to its power, with a olive harvest machine you can go through the land better to follow the olive trees in detail in less time than walking, optimizing by far the yield of the harvest by hand.

Olive harvesting machine

Moresil offers its customers olive harvesting, which combine power and maneuverability to work in olive harvesting, being resistant and safe to move through the olive groves quickly. A unique vehicle thanks to its versatility and tools that complete the use in the field.